Our Print Products

We use a myriad of print materials and printing methods to create effective graphics for your environment.

Shop Window Display

This shop window display showcases the product with a combination of large format graphics printed direct to Forex and geometric shapes to accompany the backdrop.

Translucent Transparent Print

Event Signage

Competition winning designs were printed onto transparent plastic to produce a contemporary showpiece

Exhibition PVC Panel

Exhibition Signage

The brand names carried by this exhibitor were showcased via printed foam board graphics in an eye-catching and vivid display.

Transparent Translucent Frosted Acrylic Print

Pop-up shop

Santa's photo booth was made from direct printed frosted perspex to produce a lifelike snowy winter wonderland

PVC Stand

Outdoor promotion graphics

The backdrop, floor and stairs of this outdoor promotion were printed on Foamex to achieve an immersive environment.

Wall Graphics

Commercial Interiors

The walls of these offices were livened up using decals with the core values of this organisation.

Opal Acrylic Translucent Advertising

Outdoor mobile advertising

These backlit panels were printed as part of a campaign that uses scooters with backlit trailers to advertise within a specific geographical location.

Corflute Large Scale Event Sign

Festival Signage

These large corflute signs were the showpiece around the stages at 'Future Music' festivals around the country.


Large format digital printing and finishing

We utilise printing equipment that has won global industry awards for print quality and color depth so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best possible printed graphics. The process is completely digital which eliminates the need for costly proofing and considerably cuts down setup time. In todays on-demand world we are glad to say that we can already be printing your graphics mere minutes after receiving artwork. The fully digital process is equally suited to both larger and smaller production runs.

Oce Arizone 350 GT

We Print these materials

Sheet Media

  • Print on Perspex (Acrylic)
  • Print on PETG
  • Print on Polypropylene
  • Print on PVC Sheet
  • Print on PVC Foam (Foamex, Forex)
  • Print on Foamboard
  • Print on HIPS (Styrene)
  • Print on Coreflute
  • Print on Aluminium Composite Panel

Flatbed Sheet Materials

Roll Print Materials

Roll Media

  • Print on Banner
  • Print on Backlit Film
  • Print on Self-Adhesive Vinyl
  • Print on Canvas
  • Print on Backlit Banner
  • Print on Electrostatic Film
  • Synthetic Paper
  • Print on One way vision
  • Print on Buckram


Our innovative print process allows ut to print graphics directly onto various board materials. We are thus saving the time and expense involved in manually applying prints to the boards and pass the savings on to our customers. Win/Win.
Please refer to print page and see "Print Products" section. Thank you.
It is possible to achieve a graphic of any size by tiling a series of images next to each other. The maximum print size on one rigid board is 2400mm x 1200mm. The maximum width of roll media is 2200mm wide and unlimited length.
Please refer to print page and scroll down to "The Materials" section. Thank you.
Please click on the blue button titled print page "Click here for tips on setting up Artwork" on this page.
Graphics can be for short term or long term use depending on the materials used and the finishing. We can tailor these according to your requirements.
You can share files with us through dropbox. Alternatively, you can send it to us through www.wetransfer.com
If there are colours that need to be accurately matched please supply us the relevant Pantone values.